Why use organic skincare?
Health practitioners will always advise looking at the ingredients label. Conventional skincare and cosmetic products are loaded with chemicals and additives and can baffle you with a long list of ingredients. Harebell Herbs contains only a few natural pure, high quality ingredients such as organic plant oils, organic beeswax, home grown flower extracts and infusions, seaweed and organic essential oils. By choosing Harebell Herbs organic skincare products you can reduce the cocktail effect of toxin intake through your skincare routine.

What is not in Harebell Herbs?
Artificial colours or fragrances, parabens, GM ingredients, petrochemicals, alcohols, mineral oils, aluminium, sodium lauryl sulphate & others.


What products do you recommend for sensitive skin?
All Harebell Herbs products are pure and natural, nothing has been added which could irritate the skin. For sensitive skin we would recommend : Carrageen Pure Cream, Marigold or Chamomile Cream.

What products do you recommend for mature skin?
Our most nourishing cream is Evening Primrose cream with it’s high content of vitamin E and evening primrose seed oil. This is especially good for very dry skin. The Borage & Comfrey cream is an excellent anti-ageing cream.

Which creams are safe for children?
The Chamomile Cream was designed for baby’s delicate skin. Marigold cream is good if your child has skin irritations or is suffering from eczema, Comfrey for slow healing wounds and Chickweed for stings and chicken pox blisters. Creams containing essential oils are not recommended for children.
Safe for children over 3 years of age.

Are there any products I cannot use if I am pregnant?
We would advise you not to use the Rosemary or Lavender body oils or the Comfrey cream.

I have psoriasis. What products can I use to help this condition?
Rose Cream and Marigold Cream will both help to soothe and calm this skin condition. Use the Marigold Cream if you are treating children.

I have eczema. Do you have any creams that can help?
Because of their soothing and calming qualities the Rose Cream or the Marigold Cream will help. Through feedback we have heard that the Baby Cream helps too. Use the Baby or Marigold Cream if you are treating children.

Do you have any products to help Arthritis/Rheumatism inflamed joints?
Our Chickweed Cream cools and calms down arthritis & rheumatism related inflamed joints. The St. John’s Wort Body Oil will also help.

Which cream could I use for rough heels and elbows?
The Marigold Cream is our Wonder cream and will treat efficiently rough heels and elbows.

How are your products preserved?
Essential oils and beeswax contain their own natural potent preservatives. We also use borax in small quantities as an emulsifier and as an additional preservative. (Borax is a natural occurring mineral salt which was traditionally used as an emulsifier for creams).

What is the shelf life of your products?
Harebell Herbs products have a shelf life of one year from production date. With correct storage the products last far beyond the expiry date. Treat them like chocolate – store in a cool dry place, away from heat and out of direct sunlight. Once opened the products will have limited durability.

Do your products have organic certification?
The Irish government has just introduced certification for organic beauty products and we are currently in the process of gaining organic certification.
We grow our own organic plants and flowers: Marigold, Chickweed, Borage, Comfrey, Chamomile, Elderflower, Evening Primrose, Rosemary, Feverfew, St. John’s Wort. Those that we cannot grow ourselves we source from certified organic suppliers e.g. NHR Organic Oils – Soil Association, Organic Herb Trading Company – Soil Association, Emile Noel - Ecocert